Article One:
by James Barber

Interactive installation/performance event, Intermedia Nights exhibittion, Vancouver Art Gallery, May 1968

Article Two:
Canadian Pacific
(For the Great Bird P'eng)
by Glenn Lewis

Chromatic Steps exhibition, Vancouver Art Gallery, October 1968

Article Three:
by Bob Arnold

Interactive installation, Electrical Connection exhibition, Vancouver Art Gallery, April 1969

Article Four:
Room with Cutouts
by Michael de Courcy, Dennis Vance

Interactive installation, Electrical Connection exhibition, Vancouver Art Gallery, April 1969

Article Five:
Untitled Box Works
by Bob Arnold

Short-term installations/interventions, various public locations, September-October 1969

Article Six:
by Michael de Courcy

Interactive installation, Racetrack Gallery (Vancouver Art Gallery satellite space at the Pacific National Exhibition), February 1970

Article Seven:
by Bob Arnold, Gary Lee-Nova

Interactive installation, Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, February, 1970

Article Eight:
Silk-screened Box Untitled
by Michael de Courcy

Installation/media intervention, Photography into Sculpture exhibition, MOMA, New York City, Feb 1970 / artscanada magazine, Issue #144-149, June 1970

Article Nine:
by Gary Lee-Nova, Bob Arnold

Public performance/intervention, 1972 4th Ave., March 1970

Article Ten:
by Glenn Lewis

Short-term interactive installation/intervention in a variety of sites, July 1970

Article Eleven:
The Cube Root of Entropy
By Gary Lee-Nova, Bob Arnold, Dennis Vance

Site Specific interactive installation, The Cube Root Of Entropy exhibition, Rothman Gallery, Sculpture Garden, Stratford, Ontario, August 1970

Article Twelve:
Box Portal
By Dennis Vance

Designer Show, Pacific National Exhibition, August 1970

Article Thirteen:
B.C. Almanac(h) C-B
15 artists (produced and designed by Jack Dale and Michael de Courcy)

A book and an exhibition. B.C.Almanac(h)-C.B., National Film Board Stills Gallery, Ottawa, November 1970

Article Fourteen:
Junk Mail
by Ed Varney, Henry Rappaport, John Macdonald (35 contributors)

Artist’s publishing project, boxed set of printed cards, edition of 1000, September 1971

Article Fifteen:
by Gary Lee-Nova

16 mm film (unfinished), 3:29, 1971-1972