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June 24th, 1969

Happening Shakes Gallery


A happening hit Victoria Tuesday night and no one who was there will never again be able to enter the Art Gallery without remembering it.

For more than an hour the gallery wasn't the art gallery any longer and 1969 wasn't 1969 or any time at all.

It was just here and now and the spectators became the participants as the experimental Vancouver-based Intermedia group staged the second part of its three night festival.

Two sound technicians took a few tape recorders, amplifiers and a darkened room and the tribal urge inside all of us took over from them.

What happened after that was different for every person here.

The theme of Tuesday's show was Poetry and Sound. Five poets red their work either accompanied be or followed by the sound men who helped to set the mood.

Tonight's performance might well be the best of the festival with Vancouver jazz-artist Al Neil working along with Greg Simpson in a new concert form using electronic tapes, light and a collage form utilizing radio, recorder, tapes and vocal readings.


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