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Thur. Apr. 27, 1967****23

Youth Bringing Excitement To Art, Says Gallery Chief

Youth will shape the future of art, the newly-appointed director of the Vancouver Art Gallery said Wednesday.

"The youth movement is the exciting thing about art," Anthony Emery told 100 people at the anual meeting of the Community Arts Council.

"More young people with their terrific interest in everything are moving into the art community.

"The minute people under 30 years of age get involved in any organization the job is done. And its comming, its comming all the time."

Emery, associate professor of fine arts at the University of Victoria, said there are enormously encouraging things going on right now.

"A cultural elite no longer exists; a kind of mass culture has been brought about by mass education," he said.

Emery said ten years ago the number of people interested in art was small and marked by snobbery.

But adult and university education and an increase in informal education through newspapers and magazines has changed this picture. he said.

"Time magazine took art seriously and discovered it was newsworthy," he said.

Mrs. Macdonald, the chairman of the council's Studio Fair committee, reported about, 5000 persons attended the exhibition and sale of arts and crafts by local artists held in March.

She said the event netted a total of $11,000 with a net profit of $5,000 for the council.

Highlights of the 1966-1967 year include the centennial conference of the arts in British Columbia, to be held June 28 at Totem Park on the University of British Columbia campus she said.

Mrs. A.R. Bingham was elected president of the council.

Vice-presidents are Paul Le Brooy, Frank Low Beer, Francis Lumb and Mrs. Dermot O'Kiely.

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